domingo, 24 de mayo de 2015

Sara Escudero

A couple of pics showing you the outfit I wore this past Saturday, which was a kind os special one, by the way. I'll soon post more photos of me sloshing about on this, lets say, "pool", which belongs to an equally modern and beautifully built library in downtown Bilbao. But, before getting started on outfit details, please scroll down a let me know... Doesn't any face ring a bell to you? It definitely should, since on Saturday afternoon we where lucky enough to get to meet Sara Escudero, the one and only creator of Collage Vintage, a worldwide known fashion and lifestyle blog. Being able to share some  thoughts with here and other readers was both an amazing and refreshing experience that I'd love to repeat! 
Talk to you soon; have a great week!   

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  1. Amazing pictures, I like them :)

  2. Me encanta el jersey color mostaza, y la segunda foto es preciosa! Un besito

  3. beautiful post :) kisses:)

  4. Que maja es Sara! Y tu muy guapa en las fotos! <3
    Un besazo

  5. Hola, he añadido una de tus fotos a un post de street style. Por supuesto, la imagen incluye link directo a tu blog.
    Si no te parece bien, avísame y la quito sin problema.

  6. Genial!

  7. Me encantan tus fotos :) descubrí tu blog por el de Yudani! Me encanta el look <3

    Mil besos! xx
    Nuevo post + Vídeo en mi Blog.

  8. Qué guapa ibas.. y que bonita la falda de la última foto :)
    My Dreams of Seams

  9. Amazing X
    Love your black sandals

  10. Que suerte poder conocerla! :)
    Seguro que lo pasaste fenomenal!
    Un beso enorme!

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