lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015

Caught by surprise

First things first: I know I promised to post these pics about two weeks ago, but with the beginning of the second half of our collegue year and a rustled up kind of trip, I haven't found time to pretty much anything fashion/blog/photography related. Not to mention the gorgeous weather we have been blessed with these past couple of weeks - guess you caught the irony here -, which makes it kind of imposible to take pictures worth posting. However, and fortunately, the sun is finally beginning to show up again, so hopefully we'll be able enjoy some days without rain, and takes some pics along the way!

Having said that, we took the following pictures during our trip to Madrid back in February, a city whose beauty completely caught me by surprise. Getting lost through its narrow streets, discovering a cristal palace or feeling teletransported to a tropical jungle by stepping into a train station are a few of the many treasures this city has to offer. 

Off to Madrid

In order to make the most of our last days of holidays (they're unfortunately coming to an end today) we decided to take a three-day trip to... Anywhere really. So after rejecting the idea of going skiing due to bad weather, Madrid sounded good to us. 

This are some pictures we took during our first day there, just a sneak peak of what will be coming during this week.