We are definitely back! To celebrate it we bring you some awesome pictures accompanied by a brief video of our trip to Hossegor. Hope you like it!


In order to make the most of our last days of holidays (they're unfortunately coming to an end today) we decided to take a three-day trip to... Anywhere really. So after rejecting the idea of going skiing due to bad weather, Madrid sounded good to us. 

This are some pictures we took during our first day there, just a sneak peak of what will be coming during this week. 

Our trip to Berlin back in July

Not really an outfit post as you're used to, but more of a photo-diary from our trip to Berlin back in July. This city had definitely something that made us fall in love with it as soon as we landed... Perhaps its vintage markets surrounded by a festival ambiance, or probably a vivid history that keeps you wanting to discover more about it, but Berlin is without any doubt a city one must visit at any age. 

As we spent all day walking from one place to another, may outfits were mainly focused on practical and comfortable pieces, as these mango pants I already showed you in a previous post (plus they also come in handy when trying to do a handstand!)

Coming back to the present, we're now enjoying a couple of weeks off with nothing to do apart from trying to make the most of these days by going on some daily trips which usually involve snow, nature and a lot of fun! We'll shortly post some pictures we took this past weekend, but before, hope you enjoy these ones! 

Beauty in black and white 

Absolutely needless to say where this photos were taken, the elegance and magic in this city speaks for itself. 

Black & white on a train to Versalles

Pictures from our trip to Paris back in 2012. We spent some days during Christmas in the French capital, and took a train to visit Versalles Palace and its breathtaking surroundings. Surprisingly enough, I still find the pictures we took on our way far more inspiring than the ones we actually took when we arrived. Sometimes the most random places are just the ones from which you get the best memories. 

Running through LA

Unlike the whole month we spent in San Francisco, we didn't get the chance to stay in LA for more than three days, so we had to make the most of the little time we had. We visited amazing spots such us Rodeo Drive, Venice beach and Santa Monica, and having our camera with us so that we could inmortalize all those moments was just a blessing. Thanks a lot for your visits and comments; enjoy the weekend! 

More from SF

More pictures from our stay in San Francisco, including a couple of parties, visits to Pier 39 and Alcatraz, an afternoon walk in Santa Cruz beach and some random pics - wouldn't really mind going back to that summer...  

Memories ~ Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

Some pictures from a trip Saioa and I did to California during summer 2012. These were taken while crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, which by the way was much more impressive than what we had expected. We'll soon post more photos from both San Francisco and LA! 

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