domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014

In the woods ~ part 2

Here you have some photos we took about two weeks ago, which by the way I really like some of them. 
As I told you before we are celebrating our towns fiestas and most of you might not know what they consist on, therefore, I will summarize it for you. The thing is that nearly all the "cuadrillas" (in english would be something like gangs or crews) of Sopela (our town) sing up for the display, games, Spanish omelette and sangria competition. So as to take part in the show you have to choose a matter and afterwards dress up for the exhibition while you dance and cheer up during a whole hour following a route that has been decided. Finallly you show the dance or play you have prepared. As rivalry has set the bar really high it has been imposible for us to claim victory, anyway, we are not throwing in the towel! Next year we will try harder! 
Today we have to look for a treasure they have hidden and finding it would give us points for the competition. Sorry but I have to stop writing right now if I don't want to be late to the game that is starting at 6. So goodbye and hope you feel like knowing more about our fiestas ups and downs. 

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  1. que bonito el vestido

  2. ¡Pero qué guapa estás!
    Los vestidos largos son preciosos,y ese sobre todo.
    Estoy haciendo una recopilación de instagrams para no perderme nada este verano,si tienes y quieres déjame un comentario en mi blog con tu user,estaré encantada de seguirte y darle like a tus fotos más veraniegas,
    Besitos desde "Escuela de Tacones" Carmen.

  3. Such a pretty outfit!

    xo Emma