domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014

Coming back from the beach

There is nothing more enjoyable during sunny days than spending the whole day with your closest friends in the beach.
These are some photos we took when we were just coming home so as to show you a comfortable summery and easy outfit. 
Sorry in advance for the lack of posts is coming soon. Our towns fiestas are about to start, therefore, we have to organize and prepare a lot of stuff and we don't have much time for the blog. Yet again, sorry. We will make up for it.  

6 comentarios:

  1. Qué mona vas a la playa. Me encanta la camiseta.


  2. Hi girls and thank you for your visit. I think this looks are perfect for this season.... If your towns fiestas are about to start, I wait the photos from this fiestas!!!! Kisses,

  3. Amazing! We love all of you style!

  4. Honey, I followed your blog via bloglovin,please, follow my blog back!

  5. me encantan las fotos